Product Design & Industry Inc. has specialized in modeling using mainly technologies such as FRP, NC processing, rapid prototyping, and vacuum casting.

About Us

A Message From the President:

Product Design & Industry Inc., founded over half a century ago, specializes in modeling and works on projects involving FRP, CFRP, vacuum casting, NC machining, FDM (3D Printing) and more, mainly for clients in the automobile manufacturing industry.

The company was established by the late Miyoshi Iida. In the beginning, he was focused on the craft of metal castings, but upon discovering FRP and recognizing its convenience, he decided to found the company while working as a professor of industrial design at Musahino Art University.

It is this history that has provided the characteristics that distinguish our company. We produce models that leverage a strong aesthetic sensibility. Becase we recruit technical experts who have graduated from arts universities, we are able to create refined forms that cannot be expressed with data alone by invoking the spirit of a designer. Also,Before The Former President Toyomi Iida joined the company, he worked on car body design for an automobile manufacturer. As a result,he understand a little by more than other people about the attitude of designers who create forms, and he know our employees continue to carry out manufacturing that is imbued with a designer's spirit. The sensibility of an artist and the spirit of a designer: these are the two most important distinguishing characteristics of our company.

Our corporate culture is based on a "never give up" approach. Whenever possible, in order to accommodate customers' requests, we accept difficult work that other companies would refuse. Ultimately, this has led our developing superior technical capabilities, and we take pride in the fact our name has become synonymous with "high quality."

We're a small yet dynamic company whose motto is to be "modest, calmly, and don't be daunted,"

Lei Zhang,President

 Company Message

 Consistent Quality on Time

Due to the limitations of the development cycle, it's difficult to change a car's launch date. As a result, it's critical to deliver consistent quality on a tight schedule. At Product Design & Industry Inc., we never miss deadlines and always deliver our products on time. With our superior technique, commitment to quality, and state-of-the-art equipment we intend to continuing being a reliable resource for our clients when they need us the most.

 Trust Us for Your Large-Scale Parts

We have proprietary vacuum casting technology. Normally, parts that are produced via vacuum casting are formed by feeding resin into the vaccum casting tank in a vacuum. In this case, the workpiece size is constrained by the size of the tank. At PD however, the size of the workpiece is not dependent on the vacuum casting tank because of our technology. As a result, we do what our competitors cannot: Form large-scale parts (up to 2-3 meters).

Accepting Tough Jobs

At PD, we don't quit when it comes to manufacturing. We eagerly accept projects that have a high degree of difficulty. If you have a project involving plastic or synthetic resin car parts that other companies have refused, we invite you to discuss it with us. Thanks to our talented staff, we can overcome tough challenges.

Professional Data Creation

Thanks to improvements in simulation technology in recent years, a trend towards development without the prototype phase has emerged, making design data increasingly valuable year-by-year. As a result, we have allocated additional resources to data creation as demand increases. If you need help with data creation, feel free to contact us.