Product Design & Industry Inc. has specialized in modeling using mainly technologies such as FRP, NC processing, rapid prototyping, and vacuum casting.

Product Information

FDM (3D Printing)

Fused deposition modeling or "FDM" is a modeling method developed in the U.S. by Stratasys. While there are other types of 3D printing like "rapid prototyping", compared to FDM, they are weaker and more prone to deformation.Since FDM uses the same industrial resin as actual products (e.g, ABS), it has the benefit of producing extremely strong and durable models.

Our Strengths

We introduced FDM (3D Printing) in 2008 when 3D printers were still in their infancy. Used in tandem with vacuum casting master models, FDM has brought down costs as well as shortened delivery times. It is also used for modeling parts (bumpers, mufflers, etc…) intended to be mounted on cars and motorcycles. Our internal use of FDM for producing jigs has helped us master FDM and increase our efficiency with the technology for your benefit.