Product Design & Industry Inc. has specialized in modeling using mainly technologies such as FRP, NC processing, rapid prototyping, and vacuum casting.


Vacuum Casting

"Vacuum casting" is a method of forming plastic. Instead of using a metal mold, the process involves pouring resin into a plastic mold made of a rigid material like FRP. Plastic can be formed for more quickly and at a lower cost compared to metal molds using vacuum casting because the technology allows for design changes without the need for a new mold. It is an effective method in situations that require frequent design changes at the start of the development stage.

Our Strengths

Vacuum casting, generally speaking, refers to products created in a vacuum inside of a vacuum casting tank. The size of the tank usually dictates the size of the product, but our proprietary technology allows us to form products regardless of the vacuum casting tank's size. If you are having problems creating large products due to the size of the vacuum casting tank at your facility, feel free to contact us.